Sports complex on the plateau of Lassithi - Lassithi

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Property ID : 877

On Sale 4.500.000€ - Commercial Properties
570000 m² 25000 m Sea Distance
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Sports center on the plateau of Lassithi,  Crete.Lassithi plateau located at altitude of 800 meters above sea level. This is truly a wonderful place, which is always sunny , lots of lovely beaches , beautiful and multi-faceted nature, interesting cultural and historical monuments , as well as the legendary past . Until Lasithi can be reached by motorway from the Heraklion International Airport, the distance to the central part of the resort area ​​less than 80 km. There are eight natural entrances to the plateau. It extends for 10 km in the north- west to south- east and at 5 km from the north- east to south- west. Lassithi climate differs from most areas of Crete, in winter it is also supported by moderate temperatures, and holds enough fresh summer climate, ideal for a good time.
The complex is located on private property, an area of ​​140 acres ( 570 thousand m2), after completion of construction will be a modern five-star hotel with sports facilities that meet international standards. The hotel can be used for coaching , competitions , for tourism, for recreational holidays, etc.
This project includes indoor and outdoor sports facilities, various sports fields. Some parts of the project are completed.

There are:

– The main building, designed with 12 rooms, with a total area of 2300 m2 ( except furniture on site restaurant and a multipurpose hall );
– Two buildings with 30 rooms (no central heating radiators , boilers and electricity meters );
-Building with 15 rooms (completed construction of reinforced concrete frame buildings) ;
– Indoor gym ( built skeleton of the building exterior and interior walls, exterior windows and terraces; planned installation of floors , installation of gymnastic equipment , painting the walls of the building , installation of plumbing , etc );
– Swimming pool 250 m2 ( built reinforced concrete frame , bought tiles and mechanical equipment ) .Neighborhood around the sports center:- A football stadium ;- Hockey arena ;
– Three football fields
– The stadium area of ​​100×200 m2, according to international standards FIFA and UEFA c 8 treadmills ;
– Four tennis courts;
– Multi-use stadium .

Other work on the completion of the project:

– Stadiums green cover and installing spray irrigation;
– Construction of an artificial channel width of 9 m and a length of 300 m and a depth of 1.50 m for boating and recreation;
– Asphalting of internal roads and parking lots;
– Ornamental decoration stone;
– Sewer construction (mechanical equipment purchased );
– Laying track for running.

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